AIQ’s Spring Enhancements: Discount Builder & Campaign Reports

AIQ’s spring release is coming soon, with important changes to the AIQ Discount Builder and Campaign Reports going live 3/26 on the AIQ platform.  

Here’s what to expect:

Discount Builder

  • Enhanced UX experience 
  • Step-by-step flow
  • Defined discount title inputs
  • Double confirmation for redemptions 
  • Updated redemption method structure
  • Detailed review page / overview
  • Unique coupon codes – *coming soon*

With the introduction of our new Discount Builder, it’s more simple than ever to craft custom reward offers in AIQ. Through a more guided approach using a step-by-step flow, our goal is to ensure retailers are comfortable leveraging the power AIQ’s Discount tool while gaining a better understanding of its features.

Campaign Reports

  • Strict attribution vs broad attribution conversion metrics
  • Online vs in-store 
  • Granular visibility of engagement and conversion metrics both in dash and via download

What is strict attribution? 

Metrics showing revenue generated only after a message recipient has engaged with your campaign. Meaning, they interacted with your campaign before converting.

What is broad attribution? 

Conversions that happen after receiving a message. Meaning, these metrics are absent from engagement with your campaign.

With these additions to AIQ Campaign Reports, marketers gain deeper insight into the impact their campaigns have on different areas of business. Moreover, these metrics help inform smarter decision making when it comes to customer messaging and promotional campaigns to optimize performance and subscriber engagement. 

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