AIQ x Lightspeed POS Enhanced Integration 

AIQ is excited to announce our enhanced integration with Lightspeed POS. For users, this integration introduces new features that enable retailers to refine their data, create more in-depth customer profiles, and fine-tune their targeting to optimize marketing capabilities. 

Let’s explore. 

Clean and Organize Transactional Data to Create Robust Customer Personas & Sales Reports

With this new integration, robust personas will be available for retailers to dive deeper into the buying history and shopping behaviors of their customers. This is easily accessible in AIQ so users can leverage this insight in real time to better support customers, understand their opt-in status, view points, purchases, message history & more.

Customer personas also enable AIQ to run detailed reports that support sales. Providing insight into most purchased products, categories, and brands with predictive analytics to better inform decision making, including customer lifecycle status to support win-backs. 

Custom Audience Segmentation 

Because of the robust customer data now available with this integration, segmentation capabilities are able to be more advanced. Retailers can leverage AIQ’s audience tool to produce a wide range of segments to run more fine-tuned reports, gauge customer activity, and create more targeted campaigns. 

Create Highly Personalized and Targeted Marketing Campaigns

As mentioned, with the AIQ x Lightspeed integration enhancements, audience segmentation capabilities are now more advanced. With this, retailers’ marketing opportunities increase exponentially, giving users the ability to run campaigns based on purchasing habits, customer traits like birthdays, win-back campaigns, abandoned cart messaging, ongoing loyalty notifications, and more. 

Learn more about AIQ x Lightspeed and our integration enhancements below.