St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Retail with AIQ

St Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to engage your customers and boost sales with creative discounts and loyalty program exclusives. 

Here’s some ideas you can try using AIQ’s tool suite:

Offer a special ‘Pot O’ Gold’ reward or bonus points for customers by activating a Wheel of Prizes on your App. This is a great way to utilize gamification to promote your retail native app and engage customers. 

To add rewards to your prize wheel, create the offer in AIQ’s Discount Builder and switch the prize wheel toggle to ‘Yes’.

Create a special discount for customers who wear green or show St. Patty’s Day spirit when they shop at your store or online. Using AIQ’s Discount Builder, you can easily push this promotion to all of your customer’s Rewards Wallets so they can prepare to take advantage of this offer. To maximize visibility, use AIQ Campaigns to directly notify all subscribed loyalty members of this promotion.

Create a themed reward tier or badge for customers who reach a certain amount of points or purchases during the month of March. For example, you can name it “Lucky Leprechaun” or “Pot of Gold” and offer exclusive benefits or prizes for those who achieve it. To implement, upload a custom badge to any audience directly in the AIQ Audience Builder. Customers will see this badge in their Rewards Wallet as soon as they meet the requirements.

Run a contest or giveaway for loyalty members, making it themed for St. Patrick’s Day. You can reward them with things like free product, store credit or an exciting surprise, easily managed using AIQ’s Random Lottery Campaign tool

Create a St Patrick’s Day-themed quiz or survey and invite your customers to participate. You can reward them with points, coupons, or freebies for completing it, using AIQ Surveys to collect the information.  You can also use this as an opportunity to get feedback or reviews from your customers.

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