Stand Out Campaigns: Effectively Promote Retail Holiday Sales with AIQ 

With the support of AIQ, retailers can effectively combat heightened competition with strong marketing campaigns, driving sales & increasing engagement during big retail holidays. 

Consumer awareness is key for standing out, driving sales and maximizing foot traffic during highly competitive retail holidays. Buyers are likely to prioritize where they can get the best deal over their favorite place to shop, shifting store loyalists into deal chasers during big retail moments.

This makes retailers vulnerable to losing customers to competing retailers, creating an urgency for marketers to have a strategy in place that effectively informs customers of your upcoming holiday offers.

Where to start? 

With marketers fighting for seconds of attention, direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing has become more important than ever. This is especially valuable during big retail holidays, as this allows for marketers to take advantage of these key success drivers:

  • Directly notify customers of sales & promotions 
  • Control how promotions are marketed to customers 
  • Create a more personalized customer experience  
  • Increase customer loyalty, retention and conversion rates

AIQ users can easily deploy DTC campaigns directly from the platform, leveraging personalized subscriber messaging and digital customer wallets to strengthen your holiday marketing. 

Here’s how: 

  • Optimize campaign structure 
  • Leverage waterfall campaigns to maximize deliverability 
  • Utilize Voice Drop to combat carrier filtration 
  • Optimize visibility with web & app wallets

1. Optimize landing page structure

The structure of your landing page can make or break your campaign – simple copy detailing your offer is no longer enough to win over customers and retain their engagement. 

With this approach, AIQ users are able to build landing pages that maximize the value of their campaigns, capturing customer’s attention with graphics that entice viewers and offer access to primary retail touch points all in one place. 

5 pillars of a successful campaign landing page:

  • Clear branding 
  • Built in menu with links to shop & view wallet  
  • Visuals highlighting current promotion(s) 
  • Clear CTA(s) for easy customer access 
  • Link to socials to increase engagement

2. Leverage AIQ’s waterfall feature to increase deliverability assurance 

It is important to keep in mind that carrier filtration is heightened during the holiday season as marketers everywhere boost their volume of customer coms. Utilizing this tools is a great mechanism to minimize risk.

3. Utilize Voice Drop to combat carrier filtration 

Achieve greater reach with AIQ’s Voice Drop campaigns to highlight storewide deals or primary promotions to expand customer accessibility and avoid risk of filtration.

4. Optimize visibility with customer web & app wallets 

Go beyond the reach of your subscriber base by pushing promotions to all customers directly in their wallet, requiring no opt-in to execute.

Adopting this strategy allows retailers to put storewide deals right in the hands of every customer, pushing the selected discount into every customer web & app wallet regardless of opt-in status. 

To implement: build your discount in AIQ’s Discount Builder and set the target audience to be “All Audiences”. 

Although customer’s won’t receive direct notice of this new promotion in their wallet like a subscribed user would, this is still a valuable opportunity for non-subscribed customers to see your upcoming holiday promotion and plan accordingly to take advantage of the deal. 

Ready to get started? As you prep for the next big moment in retail, remember: 

A well-executed customer strategy can turn holiday shoppers into year-round loyal customers. Without, retailers run the risk of losing valuable business to the store down the street, especially during big moments in retail.