Why Email Marketing Is the Most Reliable for Retailers and Brands

Communication is an essential aspect of every business, and this is especially true for retailers and brands because it’s crucial to establish a solid relationship with your customers. As such, it’s important to take an omni-channel approach when it comes to marketing — text messaging, push and browser notifications, and email campaigns.

Among these options, it goes without saying that email marketing is the most reliable channel for communication. And for many good reasons.

Email Marketing and Its Value to Businesses

According to several studies, email marketing has been proven time and time again that they’re the most reliable marketing channel for retailers and brands:

  • There are approximately 4.3 billion people using emails every day, and the number is expected to rise in the coming years. 
  • Among these users, 99% report that they check their inbox daily, which ultimately results in higher open rates than other channels.
  • Email marketing offers a higher return on investment: for every $1 you spend, the average return is $45 for the retail and e-commerce industry.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your customers, all while being able to promote your products and grow your business. 

3 Main Benefits of Email Marketing

With the right strategy, you can reap the many benefits of email marketing for your business. Among the top 3 benefits it offers are:

1. Reaching more qualified leads

It’s required by laws all over the world to get explicit consent from users to send them brand emails, it’s safe to surmise that people on your email list are considered more qualified leads than those who are not. 

Essentially, these people are already interested in your brand, so they’re more receptive to your marketing messages, ultimately making it easier to convert them.  

2. Widening your reach

One overlooked value of email marketing is that it’s very easy to share. When you send targeted, personalized emails that users can easily relate to, they’re more than likely to forward your email to their family and friends.

Compared to other channels, sharing/forwarding emails is much more straightforward. This leads to a wider reach, even to those you didn’t intend to target initially. 

3. Driving more revenue

The combined benefits of targeting more qualified leads, the higher open rates, and the higher engagement in emails all results in better conversions and higher revenue for brands.

You can leverage email marketing more when you segment your audiences and tailor each of your email campaigns depending on their unique needs and pain points, as well as where they are in the customer journey. 

4 Best Types of Emails to Catch Customers’ Attention

There are several types of emails that you can use for your campaigns, but the following are seen to be the most effective ones to catch customers’ attention.

1. Welcome emails

As soon as your target audience subscribes to your email list, it’s important to make them feel valued and welcomed. Sending welcome emails not only creates a positive perception about your brand, but also guides new subscribers on what to expect from you. 

For example, you can include in your welcome email the benefits that subscribers can enjoy — special discounts, first-to-know about new products, and if applicable, member-exclusive content.

2. Weekly/monthly newsletters

Regular newsletters enable subscribers to be in the know of the latest updates about your company. Newsletters are also a good opportunity to subtly remind your customers about your existence and how you can help them with their needs and pain points.

Aside from special offers, it’s best practice to send informative and relevant content through your newsletters to add more value to your campaigns. Some examples are short guides on how to use your products in everyday life, the latest research about the benefits of products, and more.

3. Discount/special offer emails

This is perhaps one of the best types of emails to drive more engagement and conversions to your website. Customers are naturally inclined to better deals that can save them money, and there’s no better way to communicate these offers than emails.

You can optimize your campaigns even further by always including a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that directly takes customers to your dedicated landing page. This is crucial so that the customer journey is simplified.

4. Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned carts are a reality for all retail and e-commerce brands. Several studies have found that the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is a whopping 70%. One of the ways to effectively lower that number is automated abandoned cart emails.

These types of emails become more effective if you add benefits to customers who decide to check out within a certain time — for example, offering them time-bound discounts for the items already in their cart.

Amplify Your Email Marketing Campaigns with Alpine IQ

Despite the existence of many other channels to communicate your marketing messages, email marketing remains to be the most reliable. Billions of people use and open their emails every day, email marketing is legally done with consent, and it offers better revenues and higher engagement.

This is why it’s important to use email marketing tools that are specially created for retailers and brands. Alpine IQ offers a suite of AI-powered marketing products that allows retailers and brands to optimize their campaigns all while staying compliant. 

We also offer an omni-channel messaging approach to build your audiences even better. Pair this with our waterfall delivery system to ensure the deliverability of all your messages and you have a winning marketing strategy for your dispensary.

If you want to know more, contact us at https://alpineiq.com/ and we can discuss more on how we can help you with your marketing campaigns.

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