Just Dropped: AIQ Ecommerce

We’re putting you in the driver’s seat of your online shopping experience with an Ecommerce solution that prioritizes you. 

What does this mean?  Single tech stack = streamlined processes, increased efficiency and performance optimization overall. 

With the new arrival of AlQ Ecommerce, retailers can easily access Ecommerce from their account using our one-click preview tool. For your convenience, we have implemented a single sign-on option for staff accounts to move freely between the two tools seamlessly. Simply pick your POS provider, and your payments, and we’ll handle everything else!

We’ve also dropped exciting new feature enhancements to expand on AIQ Ecommerce’s already powerful capabilities. Let’s break it down!

Key Features:

  • Mobile app enhancements 
  • Simplified customer opt-in process
  • AIQ loyalty badges synced directly to Ecommerce menus
  • Look up customers via email or phone record to access & redeem points 

1. Mobile App Enhancements 

For retailers with an AIQ Native App using our Ecommerce solution, feature enhancements include: 

  • Single sign on (SSO) implementation
  • Ecommerce menus built directly in-app 

These updates allow retailers to gain valuable insight into customer shopping preferences and buying behavior by capturing customer data from in-app purchases. 

In addition to these enhancements to mobile apps and analytics, there are feature updates that alleviate work and add some fun to the shopping experience. 

2. Simplified Customer Opt-in Process

To top off the enhancements, Alpine Ecommerce menus will sync directly with the AIQ system, now requiring one signature instead of two to confirm customer consent. 

  • Opting into retail marketing notifications can all be done in one place
  • Simplifying the customer opt-in process by creating less work for the customer
  • Creates greater opportunity for retailer’s to achieve opt-ins & grow subscribed customers 

3. AIQ loyalty badges synced directly to Ecommerce menus

  • Syncing AIQ loyalty badges to Ecommerce menus creates a gamified experience for the customer 

Best practices for AIQ badges: 

  • Loyalty status: Creating distinct badges for each loyalty tier allows customers to see their membership status, which helps guide them to understanding their current member perks. 
  • Product preferences: Implementing badges that speak to customer’s most common purchases personalizes the shopping experience.
  • Milestones reached: Rewarding badges to customers who reach milestones like points earned or YTD spending further personalizes the retail experience, making customers feel valued for their loyalty.

4. Look up customers via email or phone record to access & redeem points  

Retailers shifting to email based customer records can use this contact information to access and redeem customer points, no longer being limited to phone number lookup. This means, as more and more retailers move towards email based customer communications, collecting phone numbers will not be necessary for all systems to work as needed. 

On top of these enhancements, the foundation of Alpine Ecommerce offers the benefits of:

  • Customized, branded menus 
  • Order management tools
  • Advanced deals engine
  • SEO optimization

These features are all easily manageable by your internal team on one platform to optimize your operational efficiency. 

Ready to transform your online shopping experience? Schedule a demo today to learn more about AIQ Ecommerce.

Questions? AIQ live chat is available M-F, 10AM-4PM EST for customer support.