Introducing the only fully compliant, fully branded wallet

If you have club member participants and want them to be able to easily access points, discounts, store promotions, favorite store directions, and store review capability, we have one solution that makes this all readily available in their pocket at any time.

We are excited to introduce our Club Member Wallet.

Getting your customers setup with the new Club Member Wallet: 

Start by sending out a SMS or Email Campaign. We recommend sending an SMS campaign for a smoother user experience. 

  • For an SMS campaign:
    • You can input the Wallet URL Macro and it will automatically take them into their wallet.
  • For an email campaign:
    • Send them to the Wallet Access Link
    • They will put in their phone number and to confirm their identity, it will text them a secure link to access their wallet:

Signing Up:

If they aren’t a loyalty member yet, they can click on the signup button:

Which will automatically direct them to the loyalty signup page that you have custom built in the system:

Inside the Wallet:

For this example, we are using a company where loyalty points are allowed.

Points Balance: 
Here you can see your points balance: 

To see your rewards, click on See Rewards button 

It shows the customer any discount that applies to them at the time, based on the tier settings. This screen will show what the tier settings are and how the customer earns them. 

Favorite Store: 

The customer will be able to see their favorite store at first glance in their wallet.

Your customers will be able to:

  • Get Directions to their favorite store
  • Call their favorite store:
  • Or easily shop from your store


Your customers can also see store level promotions here which include all loyalty discount promos, dynamic discounts, and SMS triggered discounts.

This Veterans Tuesday Promo is specific to the customer because it’s an audience targeting Veterans in Alpine IQ which means a SMS was already sent to the customer.

To redeem the promo, select the view button and your customer will be taken to the page to where they can redeem the promo at checkout. 


The connect feature makes it easy for your customer to leave a review on any platform for their favorite store. 

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