Alpine IQ’s Native App Designed to Work for You

In today’s modern world, applications have become a huge part of our daily lives: from social media, games, photo editing tools, to messaging — and all kinds of apps imaginable.

Apps serve different functions and essentially make our lives easier. For businesses, apps are among the most convenient ways to reach customers at the touch of their fingertips, especially now as we slowly adapt to the new normal. Apps can be a mean for customers to:

  • learn more about your products/services
  • engage with your brand
  • easily purchase your products

For businesses, having a native app is important — it can hugely improve the customer experience while staying compliant to regulations.

How can you leverage the benefits of apps for your business? Alpine IQ has the answer: our native app service offers an extensive amount of AI-powered features to help harness the power of apps for your business.

What is a native app?

An application, or app, is a type of software that allows you to carry out specific tasks that it’s programmed to do. Apps can run on various devices, such as desktop or laptop computers (desktop apps), web browsers (web app), smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices (mobile app).

A native app, in particular, are developed for a specific platform (i.e., Android, iOS, or Windows) and are installed directly onto a mobile device through application stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. 

Native apps function as a standalone app (no web browsers are needed), so it typically performs faster and more efficiently than mobile web apps.

Another benefit of native apps is that they can take full advantage of a device’s native features and hardware — thus the term, native. For example, a native app programmed to edit photos can access a device’s phone storage and photo album; a ride-sharing app can have access to a device’s location feature; and so forth.

Alpine IQ’s Native App for Your Business

The decision to have an app for your business can be a difficult one — e-commerce apps, in itself, are not easy nor cheap to develop, and there’s concerns about the ever-changing regulations in highly regulated markets. 

Alpine IQ, however, has you covered. We can take the burden off of you by offering a native app that’s designed to work especially for you, whether you’re on iOS, Android, or Windows.

Put your brand just a tap away from your customers’ mobile home screens, and enjoy these features and more with Alpine IQ’s Native App:

  • In-app ordering: Streamline the shopping experience with your own fully customizable e-commerce app. Enjoy features such as live embedded menu with checkout, custom splash page, customer onboarding, and more.
  • Synchronized e-commerce and data management: Make the customer experience more seamless by syncing up your POS, e-commerce, and social profiles. Our native app is also cross-device compatible.
  • Push notifications: Widen your reach and let customers be in the know of the latest updates about your brand through push notifications.
  • Loyalty programs: Enable loyalty programs and refer-a-friend campaigns and sweeten the deal even further with discount tier progress, multiple redemption methodologies, and instant points and rewards right after signup.
  • Smart APIs: If you already have an existing e-commerce app for your business, you can make it better and smarter with our suite of APIs, which includes granular data analytics, audience segmentation, and many more.

Why Choose Alpine IQ’s Native App for Your Business?

Since Alpine IQ’s inception in 2019, we have developed several groundbreaking tools to push highly regulated markets forward and help businesses like you reach your audiences much more easily, all while meeting multi-state/provincial regulatory environments.

What makes Alpine IQ’s native app service the best choice for you?

  1. Proven record of excellent service 

Our support and proven ROI are two of the many reasons why we are supporting over 1,800 + stores.

  1. We listen first and speak second 

We are a data company first. We believe that our customer’s data should be used to improve their experience. Our data analysis tools provide a clear picture of what your customers want. Listen to the data and watch as your conversions and ROI responds.

  1. Built for highly regulated markets 

We understand highly regulated markets and built our platform for you. Operators both large and small rely on us because we are the only vendor that truly provides unparalleled support to single-store, multi-store, and multi-market operators.

  1. Baked in compliance and peace of mind 

Compliance is our top priority. We know how fast this industry moves and how quickly regulations change. Hundreds of operators in the US and Canada rely on us to ensure all their consumer facing messaging is compliant.

  1. Transparency

Our goal is to maximize the impact you have on your customers’ experience while minimizing your financial burden. The structure of our partnership allows full transparency into your campaigns and marketing initiatives. When you work with us, you won’t struggle to find deliverability stats for your campaigns.

Apps in general are indispensable to modern life — this kind of cutting-edge software can have any number of functions depending on what it’s programmed for, and they essentially make life easier with just a few taps or clicks on your phone or computer.  

For businesses, having a native e-commerce app that customers can easily download to their mobile devices widens your reach and streamlines the customer experience. 

However, developing a native app isn’t as easy as it sounds, but Alpine IQ can help you with that — we offer native app development that’s especially designed for you.

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