How Voice Drop Complements Your Existing Messaging Channels

Capturing your customer’s attention in the crowded digital landscape has become an ever- growing challenge. Alpine IQ’s introduction of Voice Drop offers a fresh, auditory approach to this challenge, seamlessly integrating with and enhancing your existing messaging channels.

Amplifying Your Messaging Strategy

In the quest to engage customers, Alpine IQ offers a suite of diverse messaging channels, each tailored to meet specific communication needs. From Text messaging (SMS & MMS), which provides direct and personal touch points, to Email, which allows for detailed communication. The innovative Voice Drop adds an auditory dimension, making messages not just seen but truly heard. Mobile push notifications cater to the on-the-go users, ensuring timely alerts, while Browser push notifications capture attention even when users are surfing the web. For those who appreciate tangible touchpoints, Direct Mail stands out. It’s not just about sending physical mail; it’s about intelligent mail. 

While each channel is powerful on its own, their combined strength lies in their ability to capture customers wherever they are, ensuring a holistic and impactful communication strategy.

Every Channel, One Powerful Voice 

Whether it’s the directness of a text, the depth of an email, the instant alert of a push notification, or the tangible touch of direct mail; each has its role in engaging customers. But what if we could enhance these traditional channels, adding another layer of personalization? Enter Voice Drop, Alpine IQ’s innovative feature designed to complement and amplify your existing messaging strategies. Let’s explore how Voice Drop seamlessly integrates with these channels, elevating their impact.

Text Messaging 

Text messaging has always been a direct and personal way to reach customers, ensuring maximum repeat sales and order values. Features like abandoned cart reminders and personalized shopping recommendations make it a potent tool. But imagine adding the dimension of voice to these messages. Voice Drop adds a personal dimension, ensuring your messages resonate deeply and are actively heard. 

With our text messaging channel you can: 

  • Achieve maximum repeat sales and order values through text messaging automation
  • Assure your industry messages get delivered
  • Filter out the noise and get attribution you can trust


Email, with its comprehensive and detailed approach, remains a cornerstone for many businesses. Product announcements, newsletters, abandoned cart recaptures, and win-back campaigns become more compelling when paired with Voice Drop. A brief voice message can act as a teaser, prompting customers to check their inboxes for more detailed information.

With our email channel you can: 

  • Send compelling and personalized emails to increase revenue and encourage customers to make a purchase
  • Get shoppers back to their abandoned carts
  • Uncover critical success metrics with ease

Push Notifications

Push notifications, especially through a custom-branded native app, are all about efficiency. They command attention and can be tailored to a user’s location or behavior. When paired with Voice Drop, the engagement potential is magnified. A Voice Drop can serve as an auditory preview or follow-up to a push notification, ensuring your message resonates. The combination of the immediate alert from a push notification and the personalized touch of a Voice Drop creates a powerful duo, capturing attention and driving action.

With our push notification channel you can: 

  • Supercharge your campaigns by your own custom branded native app
  • Produce a 1x higher conversion rate vs. mobile web
  • Set up key moments in your marketing journeys by delivering the right messages at the right time

Direct Mail Postcards

Direct Mail offers a refreshing, hands-on experience that stands out in a customer’s daily stream of electronic communications. It provides a tangible touchpoint, creating a lasting impression. When paired with Voice Drop, the combination is powerful. While Direct Mail offers a physical connection, Voice Drop ensures an auditory engagement, making the message both distinct and captivating to the ear. This duo ensures that your brand’s message is not only held in hand but also resonates in the mind, creating a comprehensive communication strategy that truly connects.

With our direct mail postcards you can: 

  • WOW customers even if they aren’t online
  • Use our powerful behavior based audience triggers to send truly modern mail pieces
  • Track online and in-store purchases driven by mail

Integrating Voice Drop for Maximum Impact 

To truly harness the power of Voice Drop, it’s crucial to integrate it thoughtfully with your other channels. For instance, after sending a Voice Drop, triggering a push notification to your app can create a cohesive communication flow. This not only reinforces the Voice Drop message but also guides customers to explore promotions in their app wallet, potentially leading to increased store visits.

While each messaging channel has its unique strengths, introducing Voice Drop into the mix can elevate your collective impact. It’s about creating a multi-dimensional communication strategy where each channel complements the others, ensuring your brand’s voice is not just heard, but remembered.

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