The Power of Recipes for Brands

As a cannabis brand, you know that marketing is the key to success. Without an effective marketing strategy, it can be challenging to attract new customers and keep them coming back, especially when the competition is tight in the cannabis industry.

Luckily, there are many tools available on the market that can help you power up your marketing efforts, and among these tools is Alpine IQ’s (AIQ) Recipes.

How Can Alpine IQ’s Recipes Help Your Brand?

For cannabis brands, it’s often a practical strategy to co-market with partner retailers to widen your reach and streamline your marketing efforts. However, without the proper tools and the right communication strategy, you may have dealt with several challenges:

  • Time-consuming collaboration process
  • Inconsistent approval process
  • Lack of reliable performance data
  • Varying format requirements for each partner
  • Little to no conversion metrics
  • Too many moving pieces for campaigns to be managed & tracked

Brand Recipes are the perfect way to enhance your marketing strategy as a brand. By using Alpine IQ’s recipes, you’ll have the tools to fine-tune your marketing strategy and gain insight into customer behaviors and the overall buying process.

What Are Brand-Sponsored Recipes?

A Brand-sponsored Recipe is a pre-built campaign/campaigns created by the Brand for selected partnered retailers to use to message to their audiences. Brands can now easily create suggested messaging campaigns, new product launches, product promos, product suggestions and more.

Brand Sponsored Recipes can include the following:

  • Pre-built messaging campaigns available for any or all available AIQ marketing channels (Email, SMS/MMS, Native, and Mobile push)
  • Suggested audiences
  • An overview of the recipe
  • Instructions on how to deploy the recipe
  • An option to upload media (images, GIFs, etc)
  • An option to configure a predetermined budget for each retailer

How does this differ from Alpine IQ made recipes?

As a retailer and brand, you will have access to ready-to-use, high-performing campaigns that are prebuilt by the Alpine IQ staff. These are created to take the setup off of your team’s plate and to make it easy to launch the highest-performing ROI strategies in a matter of minutes. 

All of the AIQ pre-built Recipes are also highly customizable to fit your unique goals and branding strategy. 

Examples of the AIQ created recipes include:

We are continuously growing our Recipe book, so more things will be coming in the future!

Getting Started with Alpine IQ’s Recipes for Brands

If you’re an Alpine IQ customer, click here to find out how to create or deploy a brand sponsored recipe.

To learn more about how Recipes can help your brand or to book a free demo, contact us today!