Why reward programs can transform your business for the better

We succeed when our partners succeed.

Loyalty is a joint effort. It’s true. Loyalty is part of our ethos. We exist to empower you. 

Since our initial launch, we’ve engineered solutions that have been proven to directly affect and grow our partners’ business. Trying to prove return on investment to everyone on your team? Our data proves that. 

Our partners have experienced up to 84% growth in loyalty enrollments. 

Here are a few reasons WHY reward programs can transform your business for the better: 

Fear of Missing Out
The pandemic has increased everyone’s fear of missing out. Your customers want to feel like they are involved and being recognized; they want their purchases to matter. Loyalty enrollments offer businesses an opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Happier customers lead to higher customer retention rates. As your customers develop higher hopes for your business, you can – and we encourage you to develop higher aspirations for your organization. 

Seal the Deal
Your customers want to love you. You have deals to seal but how can you drive sales forward when your competitors are offering the same products and services? Loyalty enrollments offer businesses an opportunity to create specialized experiences.

Proof is in the Profits
Hold your pudding spoons because the proof is in the profit. Loyalty enrollments offer businesses an opportunity to understand what is and isn’t working for the customer journey. Loyalty enrollment data can provide key insights to quantifying customer journeys. Businesses that prioritize the customer journey will have higher retention rates, lower customer acquisition costs, and higher profit margins. 

Loyalty is a Joint Effort
Loyalty is a team sport. Your customers want to have a relationship with you and loyalty programs provide the framework to create the right relationships at the right time, therefore growing your business.

Creating a loyalty program may not be a challenge for many retailers but communicating the return on a loyalty program is a different story. We help hundreds of businesses like your own solve this issue. How? Loyalty begins when we recognize and honor customer pain points. To design and reinforce loyalty, businesses must be as empathic as they are organized. While we can’t force you to care about your customers, we can provide the blueprint (and the technology to enable it!) that will empower you to develop a unique, tiered-offering that keeps your customers interested in and motivated by your business. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s how: 

Quantify Your Customer Lifecycle   
Your customer is your best friend. Right? Without them, your business wouldn’t matter. How does your customer interact with your brand? Are new customers coming into your store multiple times per week? Study your customer’s path-to-purchase. Once you’ve mapped out your customer experience, gift points to your customers along their journey to show them how much your business appreciates them – all while giving them an incentive to purchase sooner and/or more often. We make this easy for you. 

Connect Your Marketing & Business Goals  
If your business’ goal is to increase month-over-month average sales, reward loyal customers with points for every $1 they spend. When your marketing and business goals are aligned, your brand is positioned to grow to its highest potential. We make this easy for you. 

Create Your Own Demand 
Your business has its supply chain down. We’re in the business of helping you drive demand for your business. When your customers decide to roll with your crew, you’ll have to decide: will their points roll over too? Expiring points can prompt existing customers to take action. It’s up to your organization to define loyalty. We recommend sending a polite text-message through Alpine IQ to get your…point…across. 

Engage Your Team 
When building your reward structure, give points to your customers for braving the pandemic to visit your team. Don’t stop there. Train your employees to educate your customers (new customer experience matters) regarding points earned by making in-store purchases. For example, a member from your organization can let a price-sensitive customer know 100 points can get them 5% of their next purchase and/or 200 points can get them 10% off. The reward matters. Loyalty happens online and offline. Our online technology powers your offline efforts.

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