Becoming AIQ 

An Ode to the Alpine IQ Journey

Alpine IQ started as a data management company at its inception. Focused on being the nexus for regulated industries, brothers Nick and West Paschal, alongside partner Shahzil Abid, sought  to create a system that would make retail data clean and actionable for customers on their platform. 

Significant  gaps in the tech infrastructure existed for regulated markets at this time. The communication platforms and privacy-first, medical-focused tech available seemingly forced businesses to operate around their structure, not the other way around. Organically, they wanted to change this. 

A Single, Powerful Platform 

In February 2020, the Paschal brothers and Abid launched Alpine IQ, disrupting the market with a transparent approach to data management and tackling customer issues head-on with their service. 

Alpine IQ’s market footprint has dramatically evolved since its launch, growing from one customer to 3,800+ locations in just 36 months. 

Now, Alpine IQ fuels retail infrastructure on a large scale, transforming its data platform into an entire tool suite. This effectively bridges the gap between retailers and their customers that existed when it first entered the market. 

Looking ahead, this growth journey has poised the Alpine IQ system to serve retailers beyond regulated markets. Trusted to create the ultimate customer experience, driving revenue and increasing retention with a single, powerful platform. 

Becoming AIQ

“Experiencing growth that surpassed our greatest expectations, we embarked on developing a brand poised for global recognition,” says Paschal.  

As we expand, we’re shifting our branding to express what’s to come, re-introducing ourselves as AIQ, with an all-in-one tech stack solution backed by modern infrastructure. 

“With the introduction of and our updated emblem, we transition into a new era. Our reimagined product offerings now cater to a diverse clientele across the globe, providing a comprehensive suite tailored for the innovators at the helm of business,” says Paschal. 

New Market Expansion 

AIQ is focused on expanding connections into new industries, offering a competitive service across all markets while remaining dedicated to its current customers and their platform experience. 

“AIQ represents a world where we can offer services to any industry and help more people in more places,” writes Paschal. “No matter your tech stack, we have options for every possible loyalty accrual path, couponing, collectibles, messaging flows, shopping experience, or staff program in any industry. Just pick your favorite point-of-sale and power up everything else in a few clicks.”

AIQ aspires for its services to resonate with entrepreneurs, marketers and innovators regardless of industry, aiming to become a standard best practice in every market we touch.