Introducing AIQ’s New AI Audience Generator

One of the most valuable tools in the AIQ ecosystem is our Audience Builder. Coming with an extensive range of unique audience parameters, customers are able to define and create granular, custom segments that are flexible to the needs of each user. 

The goal of our new enhancement is to simplify the buildout process, making it easier to achieve your objectives with AI generated logic.

Here’s How:

  • Write your audience objective as a text prompt 
  • Select ‘Define with AI’ 
  • The recommended settings will automatically populate

 The purpose: 

  • Audiences are the foundation for personalization in your campaigns. Selecting the right logic is key in ensuring your segments work how you want them to.
  • The complex traits and parameters available to build an audience require a fairly technical understanding of how audience logic functions to properly meet your objectives.
  • With the introduction of AI Audience Generation, simple text prompts are all that’s needed to generate custom logic that precisely aligns with your campaign objectives.
  • This means the tool is now able to build audiences on your behalf, removing the need for technical work.

Ready to start building smarter audiences? See what else our AI can do for you below.