Engaging Customers and Boosting Sales: Holiday Marketing with AIQ

The AIQ platform is a great resource to support holiday activations, with customers leveraging our product suite in a variety of ways to creatively execute their marketing and boost sales.

Valentine’s Day is no exception – it’s a great opportunity for brands and retailers to show customers extra love. Let’s explore some of the strategic ways our customers are using AIQ to increase engagement throughout the year during these special moments:

Create holiday themed rewards

Offering a special reward that is only available on a specific day, or a specific day + an exclusive extended sale period, ties your brand to relevant, identifiable moments. For example, you can offer a $10 bonus credit when a purchase is made on a specific holiday. 

Using AIQ Discounts, you can automate this process, pushing this offer directly to a customer’s AIQ Wallet once that transaction is complete by linking the discount directly to the intended target audience. This entices your customers to shop with you and influences a return visit to redeem that bonus, all while making them feel appreciated for choosing you.

    Drive new business with an exclusive refer-a-friend holiday offer

    Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful. Encouraging your existing customers to refer friends and family to your store with AIQ Refer-a-Friend creates significant opportunities to boost customer engagement and drive new business.

    Send personalized holiday messages

    Using AIQ Campaigns, you can personalize your promotional messages to customers using AIQ Personalization Macros. This uses your customer data to include personal attributes in your marketing campaigns, giving you the opportunity to more effectively humanize your approach. 

    Outside of Personalization Macros, AIQ Audiences is another excellent segmentation tool that allows you to fine tune your target customers for any given discount or campaign. You can segment your customers based on their preferences, behavior, purchase history, points balance & more, to send catered offers that speaks to their relationship with your brand. 

    Offer bonus points for holiday purchases

    Incentivize your customers to spend more on holidays by offering them extra points for every purchase they make. For example, you can offer double or triple points for purchases over a certain amount, specific to a holiday using AIQ Audience Points Multipliers. This can increase your average order value and customer loyalty. 

    Run a holiday contest or giveaway

    Generate excitement and engagement among your customers by running a contest or giveaway. An easy way to execute is using our Random Lottery Campaign tool. For example, you can promote a deal, or send out a holiday themed survey and generate audiences based on participation. From there, simply run an AIQ Random Lottery Campaign to auto select your winner/winner(s). 

    You can also reward entries with points, coupons, or prizes with AIQ Audience segmentation. This can increase your brand awareness and customer advocacy.

    Create exclusive offers for your loyalty members

    Promoting discount offers and rewards that are exclusively available to your loyalty base has many benefits.

    1. Enhanced Customer Retention: Exclusive rewards create a sense of special treatment for loyal customers. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to continue shopping with your brand. Retention rates improve when customers know they receive unique benefits as part of the loyalty program.
    2. Increased Engagement: Exclusive rewards drive engagement, and customers actively participate in loyalty programs to unlock these special perks. Whether it’s early access to sales, personalized discounts, or surprise gifts, exclusivity keeps customers engaged.
    3. Differentiation from Competitors: In a competitive market, offering exclusive rewards sets your brand apart. Customers compare loyalty programs, and unique benefits catch their attention. It becomes a competitive advantage.

    Remember, a well-executed customer strategy can turn holiday shoppers into year-round loyalty customers.

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