AIQ: 2024-2025 Great Place To Work Certified™

AIQ is honored to announce our official certification as a Great Place To Work™, 2024-2025.

“Great Place To Work Certification is a highly coveted achievement that requires consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience,” says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, the Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work. 

“By successfully earning this recognition, it is evident that AIQ stands out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees.”

As an organization, we’re extremely proud to showcase the real-time feedback submitted by our employees, having 83% of our staff say AIQ is a great place to work – 26% above the national average for a typical US based company.

“Achieving Great Place To Work-Certification™ status reinforces our commitment to fostering a positive employee environment,” Nicholas Paschal, CEO of AIQ, expressed.

“This distinction is a reflection of our team’s hard work and dedication. We extend our sincerest thanks to our employees for their contributions towards earning this esteemed recognition.”

Here’s what our employees had to say:

  1. Trust and Autonomy: 93% of AIQ employees feel trusted to excel in their roles without constant supervision. This level of autonomy fosters creativity and ownership.
  2. Warm Welcome: When new team members join, 93% agree that they’re greeted with open arms. The sense of belonging starts from day one.
  3. Work-Life Balance: A whopping 91% of AIQ employees feel they can take time off when needed. Balancing work and personal life is a priority.
  4. Responsibility: Here at AIQ, we believe in empowering our people, and our employees agree. 87% of our staff feel that many of their team members handle valuable responsibilities, contributing to the company’s overall growth and success significantly.
  5. Ethical Leadership: AIQ management strives to be transparent, honest, and ethical – 87% of our employees agree.

What makes AIQ a Great Place To Work Certified™ organization is the collaboration, balance, support & innovation that guides our day-to-day.

  • Collaboration: We encourage collaboration, fostering an environment where diverse ideas thrive and hard work is done together.
  • Balanced Approach: We’re always striving to ensure a work-life balance is maintained for every employee across the board. The individuality of each team member drives our ability to support and inspire one another as we grow, recognizing that happy employees lead to better outcomes.
  • Innovative Products: Our suite of tools powers loyalty systems, marketing strategies, sales audits and more, putting AIQ at the forefront of innovation in highly competitive markets. Because of this, our employees always have the opportunity to learn more, engage customers from a new perspective, and provide feedback to ensure we’re producing products that effectively service retailers and brands across all industries.

“AIQ is a great place to work because of the culture our team has built,” says AIQ Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Taizun Sadruddin. “This is a work environment that facilitates growth while still encouraging you to be yourself, making it easy to enjoy getting the job done.”

Interested in joining our team? Checkout our career opportunities – exciting growth is ahead.