Half Baked

We are excited to introduce our new Half Baked Service.

Our Half Baked Service is designed to establish a proper data foundation and builds loyalty mailing lists for retailers still in the process of opening up their first store. 

What Getting Half Baked Gives You: 

Consulting Services To Build Your Tech Stack
We recognize the extensive amount of time that goes into researching and choosing each and every integration and application in a your tech stack. With everything else you have to do to get your business up and running, determining the right CRM or POS system for your business can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, our passionate team at Alpine IQ knows the tech industry well. We ensure that all tech choices are not completed in a vacuum and will work with you to determine which integrations and cloud applications are best suited for your business so that you will have the best in class tech stack. 

Building Your Loyalty List Early
Having a loyalty program in place for your business is important because loyalty club members can spend, on average, 39% more than your non-loyalty club members and can account for 50% of your revenue. This is why we created a way for you to start building a loyalty club member list even before your store is open.

We will create onboarding forms onto your companies website to allow anyone interested in your loyalty program to sign up. We will also send out campaigns on your behalf to your loyalty members to announce your new store opening details. 

What Getting Half Baked Will Cost You:

$70 monthly per store + sms 

Once your store opens, your sales data will start powering Alpine IQ’s full suite of tools designed to protect, segment, promote, and sync all of your in-store and online store operations. 

Our platform specializes in sifting optimized customer data without breaking geo or privacy-based regulations. Empowering you and your marketing teams to leverage the tools you love without needing to learn what’s allowed and not allowed in the industry. At the same time, Alpine IQ generates internal tools to facilitate everything from SMS campaigns to business analytics and enterprise M&A diligence instruments. 

Looking to get Half Baked or learn more about Alpine IQ?

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