Why Intelligent Timing Is Important for Your Business

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing and business in general. In today’s media-saturated world, poorly timed marketing messages can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns, and ultimately, your conversions and sales.

Fortunately, with all the technological advancements we have today, businesses now have various customer relationship management (CRM) tools in their arsenal to make better marketing campaigns, and one of these is intelligent timing.

What Is Intelligent Timing and Why Is It Important?

Intelligent timing is a CRM tool that helps you identify the times of the day that customers are most likely to engage with your online store. Through intelligent timing, marketing messages are delivered to targeted customers during that optimal window.

This is especially helpful for e-commerce, where customer engagement can be quite challenging to gauge and to carry out without the proper tools. Brick-and-mortar businesses have the advantage of being able to personally engage with customers and easily determine peak foot traffic. 

For e-commerce businesses, however, customer engagement is a battle among many other online businesses vying for your customers’ attention. Engagement is also limited to the marketing messages you send to them, and poorly timed messages can get easily ignored.

Intelligent timing, however, helps you bridge the gap between the in-store and online customer experience. 

The Importance of Intelligent Timing to Businesses

Intelligent timing uses artificial intelligence (AI) and smart data to help businesses gain more insight into each customers’ activity. It takes out the guesswork of scheduling your marketing campaigns, allowing you to deliver the right messages at the right time, to the right people.

In addition to that, intelligent timing provides businesses the following benefits:

  • Boosts customer engagement: By delivering personalized and relevant marketing messages at the right time, customers are more than likely to engage with your brand and be more receptive to your message.

Statistics also show that 74% of smartphone users tend to take action right away after seeing a message from a brand that is relevant to them. And out of this number, 50% actually make a purchase.

  • Ultimately increases conversions and sales: As a related point, better customer engagement can lead to better conversions and sales. In a study, intelligent timing increased conversions by at least 15%, and in other channels, the increase can be as much as 38% (push notifications) and 34% (email campaigns). 

Boost Your Marketing Campaigns with Intelligent Timing

Alpine IQ’s intelligent timing feature utilizes historical customer data and AI to predict the optimal times of the day that a customer is more likely to engage and shop with your business. Based on this prediction, Alpine IQ then sends the campaign message one to two hours beforehand.

What sets this apart from other time-based message delivery analytics is that Alpine IQ’s approach is highly personalized and functions as a complement to other smart features such as audience segmentation and Waterfall Delivery, ensuring that every marketing message you send is actually delivered to the right person at the right moment.

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