A Brand-New AIQ: Introducing Alpine IQ Brands

Recently, Alpine IQ launched a brand-new product called “Brands” — a frictionless bridge that empowers brands and their respective retail partners to achieve shared objectives. 

Here’s all you need to know about AIQ Brands:

What is Alpine IQ Brands?

The Alpine IQ Brands Platform is a product suite that aims to address the huge challenge that the industry faces: being able to seamlessly share and manage vital information between brands and retailers, all while streamlining the customer journey.

Brands provides a single solution for retailers and brands to seamlessly share information and analytics throughout the lifecycle of their partnership, and at the same time providing a platform to reach customers directly and effectively.

What are the key features of Brands?

Alpine IQ enables one-to-one communication with clients across all networks, via in-network and out-of-network retail partners. AIQ also provides comprehensive real-time data analysis, as well as artificial intelligence-powered tools to segment and target audiences more efficiently.

Some of its key features include:

  • Performance analytics: With AIQ’s AI-powered technology, Brands can produce real-time data and produce one-on-one detailed transaction reporting. You will also be able to automate reports and seamlessly distribute these to key members in your company. 
  • DTC loyalty and marketing: Create more effective direct-to-customer (DTC) loyalty and marketing programs for your brand with AIQ’s QR generator that rewards returning customers with collectible products. With Alpine IQ, Brands can turn every product into an interactive collectible through AIQs QR generator. When the QR codes are redeemed, you can reward your customers with loyalty points based on product rarity. Then, you can drive your customers back to retailers by converting points into retailer gift cards.
  • Co-marketing: Generate higher conversions by creating in-app ads that are targeted to each of your customer’s needs. You can also create effective push notifications, email, SMS, and MMS campaigns, all of which you can preconfigure with Brands Recipes which allows you to create go-to-market messaging campaign drips for your retail partners to easily launch.
  • Sales enablement: Empower your sales team with actionable tools, such as prospecting search through AIQ’s partner discovery portal, gaining competitive insights, and predicting market viability with our suite of machine learning technology for analytics.

How will the Brands platform benefit Retailers?  

The Alpine IQ platform is where brands and their retail partners work together to achieve shared objectives:

  • Easily control and share real-time sales insights and data between Retailer and Brand partners.
  • Create and coordinate custom and recurring reports for sales, marketing, and promotional efforts, sent directly to key team members across multiple organizations.
  • Seamlessly and securely manage data for multiple brands, markets, POSs, platforms, teams and departments.
  • Collaborate and cost-split with your partners on multi-channel marketing and communication campaigns via waterfall, drip, recipes, shared promotional campaigns, and in-app ads.
  • Empower brands to drive and evolve effective strategies without the headache of manually managing communications.
  • Work together to create compelling content that facilitates robust brand-presence and customer loyalty.
  • Continue to grow, segment, and target customer audiences with the added power of your Brand partners’ reach and impact.

If you’re a vertically integrated operator or brand looking for a platform that not only provides comprehensive analysis, but also the tools to segment, target, and drive impactful strategy in real time, AIQ Brands is the right solution for you. Contact us today to book a free demo!

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