Alpine IQ Integration With Elevate Holistics

At Alpine IQ, we strive to integrate with the best technology to give our customers the most added value. Today, we are excited to announce our integration with Elevate Holistics.

What is Elevate Holistics?

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical cards and physicians’ medical certifications/recommendations as simply and easily as possible. Founded in 2019, Elevate Holistics was created to better serve patients in the rural communities of Oklahoma.

Today, Elevate Holistics operates in multiple states, has served thousands of happy patients, and continues to innovate by providing doctors & patients a better medical evaluation experience.

Elevate Holistics uses secure HIPAA-compliant solutions so that patients can book appointments online 24/7. This allows patients to quickly meet with licensed doctors from the privacy of their homes. Ultimately this saves the patient time, as the average time from start to finish is just 25-minutes. Not only that, but Elevate Holistics is lowering the cost for patients and expanding healthcare to those patients with limited mobility and or living in underserved rural communities.

For highly regulated businesses, Elevate Holistics makes connecting with your customers easier. When your business becomes connected with Elevate Holistics, they will offer customized recommendations by pairing your specific services with your customer’s needs. You can now enhance your presence with customers who prefer to shop locally without relying on search engine results to connect with them.

Alpine IQ & Elevate Holistics:

The Alpine IQ & Elevate Holistics integration brings value to our clients by providing an easy and simple enrollment solution for your SMS and loyalty programs.

Through this integration, loyalty program information will be collected automatically with customer consent through the information captured when your customer signs up for a medical card through Elevate Holistics. Additionally, through the Alpine IQ platform, your new customer record will be ingested for audience building and downstream promotions, which enables your business to communicate with the customer in real-time.

This integration was designed to improve your customer’s experience, increase the loyalty program customer op-in rate, and increase retailer return on investment.

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