A Guide to the AIQ Loyalty Platform

Alpine IQ offers an innovative loyalty platform that empowers businesses to create robust loyalty programs designed for every market. With its seamless functionality, Alpine IQ makes it simple to define rewards, onboard new members, and capture repeat visitors who generate higher order values. Users of Alpine IQ’s platform saw that 49% of revenue was generated by loyalty members and there was a 15% average ticket size increase.

In this blog post, we will explore how Alpine IQ’s natively integrated loyalty system can help businesses accrue points, redeem discounts, sign up new customers, and provide staff with valuable product recommendations.

The Alpine IQ Loyalty Program

Alpine IQ’s loyalty platform provides a powerful solution that enables businesses to propel their brands forward. Alpine IQ is the ultimate tool for driving brand loyalty and creates a simple platform to define rewards, onboard new members, and capture repeat visitors with higher order values.

Possibilities of Alpine IQ Loyalty Program 

Onboard New customers: Through Alpine provided custom/ compliant signup forms. messaging channels, API submissions, kiosks, or through 3rd party integrations

Customized experience: Easily customize reward accruals, tiers, points modifiers, expiration windows, and much more. Personalize loyalty rewards based on each customer’s behavior.

  • Custom loyalty signup forms and integration triggers
  • Allow loyalty redemptions from all shopping paths
  • Stay compliant with local regulations or by customer type
  • Multiply and gift rewards based on customer behaviors
  • Happy hour and refer a friend points systems

Interfaces that retain customers: Loyalty members can easily access your brand anywhere, on any device, anytime of the day.

  • Gamification for earning badges and tiers
  • Web browser apps
  • Native apps on Apple, Android, and Windows devices
  • Deals, shopping, re-order from transaction history
  • Shareable refer a friend links
  • Profile customization

Build loyal relationships on customers’ birthdays: ​​At Alpine IQ, we love birthdays and with our platform you can celebrate your customers’ special day with ease. Show your customers that you care by sending them freebies, discounts, or even points.

  • Create product level discounts for the day or whole month
  • Capture birthdate info seamlessly with our tools
  • Unlock points boosts for birthday shoppers
  • Automate birthday experiences with a few clicks

Run contests and lotteries to increase traffic: Sustain rapid growth by running unique contests triggered by customer behavior or text message responses.

  • Set clear rules and guidelines for your contests
  • Promote your contest or lottery across multiple channels
  • Prize unlocks based on historical behavior traits
  • Prize unlocks based on text message poll responses

Track loyalty to measure success and improve: Measure success and identify areas for improvement through our suite of monitoring tools.

  • Campaign analytics
  • Persona level points adjustment notes
  • Discount redemption tracking

Natively integrate loyalty with AIQ

Accrue points, redeem discounts, signup customers, and provide staff with product recommendations all within your favorite partner interfaces.

Click here to see a list of our integration partners 

Create a loyal customer base with Alpine IQ 

Alpine IQ’s loyalty platform empowers businesses to create a loyal customer base by harnessing the power of data, personalization, and engagement. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can enhance the overall customer experience, foster long-term relationships, and drive repeat business. In an increasingly competitive market, where customer loyalty is paramount, Alpine IQ provides a comprehensive solution that can elevate businesses to new heights of success.

To know more about Alpine IQ and how it can help you create an effective marketing program, visit us at https://alpineiq.com/.

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