Everything You Need to Know About Alpine IQ Loyalty Programs

Loyalty sign-up forms are used to collect the necessary information from customers who want to join your business’ loyalty program. Did you know that businesses who switched to Alpine IQ loyalty saw an 84% loyalty enrollment increase? They are an integral part of any loyalty program, as they provide the information you need to track customers’ progress. This can be anything from their contact information, purchase history, and preferences.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of Alpine IQ’s loyalty product offering and ways to propel your brand loyalty by using it. 

What is possible with Alpine IQ Loyalty?

With Alpine IQ, it’s simple to define rewards, onboard new members, and capture repeat visitors with higher order values. Within 60 days your business can see amazing results and growth by utilizing this product offering. Here’s a closer look into why Alpine IQ loyalty offering is so beneficial. 

Create a sticky brand that magnetize customers

Nearly half of your revenue is generated by loyalty members. They care about connection. They care about VIP access and you need to incentivize them outside of the 7 minutes in-store or on your e-comm site.

  • Custom loyalty signup forms and integration triggers
  • Allow loyalty redemptions from all shopping paths
  • Stay compliant with local regulations or by customer type
  • Multiply and gift rewards based on customer behaviors
  • Happy hour and refer a friend points system
Design beautiful experiences that WOW and retain customers

Loyalty members can easily access your brand anywhere, on any device, anytime of the day.

  • Gamification for earning badges and tiers
  • Web browser apps
  • Native apps on Apple, Android, and Windows devices
  • Deals, shopping, re-order from transaction history
  • Shareable refer a friend links
  • Profile customization
Easily manage your loyalty program

Built to provide staff with peace of mind and easy access to loyalty tools built for scaling.

  • Niche industry points accrual options (i.e: med, rec, accessories only)
  • Customizable expiration logic
  • Custom finance team roles for easy access to points reports
  • Activity change logs and points change anomaly reporting
  • Prevent points fraud and staff member accruals
Shopping on another level with Dynamic Content

Based on user interactions and purchasing patterns, Alpine IQ can automatically recommend products within messages and loyalty app experiences. Simply create a product feed and deploy it within text message or email campaigns.


Loyalty sign-up forms are an important part of any brand’s customer retention strategy. They are effective tools for collecting customer data and preferences while also offering a personalized experience.
To know more about Alpine IQ and how it can help you create an effective loyalty program, visit us at https://alpineiq.com/.

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