loyalty program

Sharing your loyalty program details with customers

In order to help you notify customers of your loyalty/ member clubs setup, we have put together a short F.A.Q. that you can copy and paste onto your website or print out for in-store display purposes. Please note that you will want to remove anything that is not applicable in your market (I.E: Points accrual is not valid in most of Canada and Lotteries are rarely allowed).

  • You will earn points based on dollars spent within any of our stores. For every $1 you spend, you will earn 1 point. This accrual includes orders made online!

  • In order to sign up you will need to provide us with your mobile phone number:
    – You can do this by placing an online order, giving your phone number to the clerk at checkout time, or by signing up on our website/ through our signup form here: https://lab.alpineiq.com/joinMembers/{{Insert your brands UID here}}

  • When you make a purchase, your points and discounts will be updated within 5 hours and in most cases, you will receive a text message clarifying as well

  • You can access your wallet anytime by clicking on the link sent via text after every order or by logging in here: https://lab.alpineiq.com/wallet/{{Insert your brands UID here}}

  • In your member app, you can connect with our stores like never before. Access exclusive discounts, points-based rewards, store-level promos, and access our shop online features with one click. When you select a discount, you will be presented with a page that you need to show our checkout staff when picking up your merchandise/ checking out in-store. They will redeem/ sync your discounts to your order. In some cases, you can also do this directly within online ordering menus.

Common discounts we will include in our program include:

  • Lotteries! (We will automatically pick random users from our member club to receive massive discounts)

  • Exclusive discounts generated JUST FOR YOU based on your order history and favorite products.

  • Holiday specials

  • Merch specials

  • Online only specials

  • Permanent discounts to all club members (I.E: 5% off of every order)

  • Weekly promos
    – Senior Happy Hour (10-20% off 55+ Patrons)
    – Regular Happy Hour (same format)
    – Topical Tuesdays (% off all topicals)
    – Wax Wednesdays etc…

  • Weekend promos
    – Brand promos
    – Special Promotions
    – Event specials


  • Is there a reason I have to pay taxes for rewards?
    Yes. Regulations on some products require multiple taxes, some of which based on the cost of the product and must be paid by the consumer and listed on the receipt.

  • Can you offer any free product?
    Compliance regulations stop us from giving some products away for free.

  • My points seem incorrect, how can I resolve this?
    We can only attach points to your member account if you provide us with a phone number when you make an order. Please make sure that you are giving us the same phone number/ email you signed up with in order for your points to calculate correctly. If have us apply a phone number to a previous order, your points will update automatically a few hours later. If you still believe your points are wrong, please send us an email to sales@alpineiq.com with your name, phone number on your member account, the company’s loyalty program you are referring to, and we will work to get your points resolved as quickly as possible.

  • How do I delete my data?
    You can visit: https://lab.alpineiq.com/trackingPreferences/{{Insert your brands UID here}} at any time to access/ delete your data from our system. Please note that by doing so you will forfeit any points you have within your account.

  • I forgot my phone or I deleted one of my discounts from my SMS history. Can I still get this discount?
    Yes. Please ask your clerk to look up your phone number/ account via the Alpine IQ portal and they will be able to find/ redeem your offers manually.

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