Transactions and refunds API


POST transaction / refund

Description: Post a transaction or refund into Alpine IQ.
Endpoint: (POST) /createUpdateSale/:uid

Response body:

	"visit": {
		"pos_id": "9239jfkiejioj",
		"pos_user": "NickIDBadge",
		"pos_type": "Online",
		"transaction_date": "2014-04-20 04:03:53 +0000",
		"transaction_total": 40.0,
		"location": "Store4",
		"visit_details_attributes": [
				"sku": "AUR932k",
				"price": 40.0,
				"quantity": 1.0,
				"category": "PRE-ROLL",
				"brand": "Tweed",
				"name": "12g White Widow rollup",
				"discount": 12.0
pos_idstringPrimary key for the sale
pos_userstringPrimary key of the persona attached to the transaction
pos_typestringNickname of store (Overrides name of store for SMS macro)
transaction_datestringDate transaction occurred
transaction_totalFloatTransaction total amount
locationstringStore location
visit_details_attributesobjQuantity within this object should be a negative value if it is a refund.