Geofence Messaging: What Is It and How Can You Use It?

As a retailer or brand in the cannabis industry, one of the most important things you can do to attract new customers and keep them coming back is to offer a great customer experience. It’s also a given that part of providing a great customer experience is being able to reach your customers with targeted, relevant messaging — and geofence messaging is one of the most effective ways to do this. 

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based technology that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create a virtual “fence” around a specific geographic area. When a customer enters the fence, they receive a message from the business.

Geofencing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it allows businesses to send highly-targeted messages to customers based on when they enter into a specific location. For example, if you’re a retailer, you could use geofencing to send a message to customers when they’re near your store.

It can also be used by brands in various other ways beyond location-based marketing. These include tracking inventory, especially for perishable and regulated products like cannabis; streamlining customer service; maintaining security; providing real-time tracking of deliveries; and many more.

How Geofence Messaging Works

We’ve briefly mentioned before how geofencing works, but it’s also important to consider that geofencing can be used as a complement or in conjunction with other marketing channels.

Geofence messaging works by sending a message or a notification (depending on your messaging channel) to a customer’s mobile device when they enter or leave a specific location. The location can be anything from a store to a city block. Additionally, marketers must also set up “fences” or triggers beforehand to launch the campaign.

When the customer enters the geofenced area, they receive a message with information about the business. This could be a special offer, a coupon, or simply a notification that they’re near the business.

There are several ways to use geofencing, and with Alpine IQ’s Geofence Messaging feature, along with a custom native app installed, you can reap the rewards of geofencing for your brand! 

Some of the ways you can use geofencing for your marketing campaigns are the following:  

  • Push notifications: Push notifications are similar to text messages, but they’re sent through a mobile app. They require customers to have the native app installed, but they’re generally more interactive and can be used to send more complex messages.
  • Emails: You can also use geofencing to trigger email messages. This is generally less common because it requires customers to opt-in to receive emails from you, but it can be a great way to send more personal messages.
  • MMS: MMS stands for multimedia messaging service, and it’s a type of geofencing that allows you to send images, videos, and other types of media. 
  • Text messaging: Text messages are the most basic form of geofencing. They’re also the most common. All they need to do is enable their location/GPS on their mobile device, and they’ll receive a text message when they enter or leave the geofenced area.

5 Benefits of Geofence Messaging

As we mentioned earlier, it is necessary to have the native app installed on your chosen device in order to use Alpine IQ’s Geofence Messaging tool. When you choose to have geofencing for your marketing campaigns, you have the potential to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Better targeting

One of the main benefits of geofencing is that it allows businesses to target their marketing more effectively. With traditional marketing methods, businesses have to rely on customers coming across their ad or commercial and then taking the initiative to visit their store.

With geofencing, businesses can target customers who are already in close proximity to their stores. This means that customers are more likely to take advantage of the offer or visit the store.

2. Personalized customer experience

Another benefit of geofencing is that it allows businesses to provide a more personalized customer experience. By sending messages to customers based on their location, businesses can offer relevant information that is more likely to be of interest to the customer.

For example, if a customer is near a store, they might receive a message about a sale or a special offer that is only available at that store. This type of personalized customer experience is not possible with traditional marketing methods.

3. Increased foot traffic

One of the most important benefits of geofencing for businesses is that it can lead to increased foot traffic. By targeting customers who are already in close proximity to their stores, businesses can encourage customers to come in and take advantage of the offer.

In addition, by providing a more personalized customer experience, businesses can create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to visit the store sooner rather than later.

4. Improved sales, conversions, and ROI

Another benefit of geofencing is that it can lead to improved ROI for businesses. Because geofencing is more targeted and efficient than traditional marketing methods, businesses can see a higher return on investment from their marketing campaigns.

On a related note, targeted messages and a personalized customer experience brought about by geofencing can lead to increased sales and conversions for businesses.

5. Increased customer loyalty and retention

Finally, geofencing can also help businesses to increase customer loyalty and retention. By providing relevant and targeted messages, businesses can create a sense of brand loyalty among customers. 

In addition, by delivering a personalized customer experience, businesses can keep customers coming back for more.

How Geofencing and Marketing Work Hand in Hand

Location-based marketing is an effective way to reach out to customers and prospects, and geofencing is a tool that can help businesses to do just that.

As we mentioned earlier, with geofencing, businesses can target their marketing more effectively, resulting in increased foot traffic, sales, and conversions. In addition, geofencing can also help businesses to increase customer loyalty and retention.

It is important, however, to have the right tools and resources in place. For dispensary owners, you need a messaging program that’s compliant with the ever-changing regulations for cannabis in different locations. One such program is Alpine IQ‘s suite of marketing tools.

Improve Your Geofence Messaging with Alpine IQ

If you’re looking to improve your geofence messaging, Alpine IQ can help. We offer a suite of marketing tools that are designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

Our software is compliant with all state and federal regulations, so you can be sure that your marketing campaigns are in line with the law. In addition, we have several products that can help you create more effective marketing strategies for your cannabis business, including omnichannel messaging, push notifications, browser notifications, and message delivery assurance, among many others.

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