Tracking retail site visitor engagement with Alpine IQ pixels

Enhance your data sets, enrich your campaigns across tools, and make clearer business decisions. Please note: Our privacy policy and applicable terms requires you to refrain from sending us sensitive personal information about your users, including but not limited to social security numbers and credit card details.

To track events via your website you will need to place a javascript pixel on the pages you wish to track interactions.

The following code is required:
1.) Place the code below into your website header ONLY. It will not slow your site down or cause problems with your pages.

(function(w, d, u, t, N, e) {
    if (w[N] && w[N].q) return;
    w[N] = function() { w[N].q.push([]; };
    w[N].q = [];
    e = d.createElement(t);
    e.async = 1;
    e.src = u; = N;
})(window, document, '{{uid}}.js', 'script', 'aiq');

2.) Make sure to replace the “{{uid}}” placeholder in the code below with your actual Alpine IQ account identifier. The URL should read something like: when you are finished. At this point your pixel should be tracking users page views and our system will attempt to resolve identities in your data infrastructure.

Tracking events (*optional):
In order to enhance your data sets to allow more complex and insightful use cases, we must track events as they occur. For example you might want to tell Alpine when a user adds something to their cart, when they watch a video on a product detail page, or when they perform a live chat with a support representative. You can tell us virtually any event and segment on it later using the schema below.

  1. ) To track a custom event you can call “aiq” after the required code above anywhere on the page. The example below illustrates creating/ updating a customers info:
aiq('customEventName', 'customEventValue');

Custom events: Event names will be available for use in your accounts audience builder after we have seen at least 1 in production.

Commonly recognized events: The following events are commonly used and therefore documented for your internal setup. Please note that we always track pages viewed so it is easy to segment audiences by page categories, brands viewed, products viewed, etc.

Pixel tracking events
Pixel tracking events 2
Pixel tracking events 3
Pixel tracking events 4
Pixel tracking events 5